Friday, March 14, 2014

Barbara Song

I used to believe in the days I was pure, and I was pure as you used to be. My wonderful someone would come to me someday and then it would all depend on me. If he's a good man, if he's a rich man, wears a fine cravat, smokes a cigar, and if he's good and treats me like a lady, then I shall tell him, "Sorry." 

Chin up high, keep your powder dry, don't be lax or go too far. Oh, the moon is gonna shine 'til dawn, keep that little rowboat cruising on and on. You stay perpendicular.

Oh, you can't just let a man walk over you. Cold and dignified is what you are. Such a whole lot of things can happen, so firmly say, but sweetly, "Sorry."

The first to appear was a young man from Kent, he was all that a man ought to be. The second was older and bolder, I mean, and the third was crazy mad for me. They were all rich men, they were all fine men, wore silk cravats, smoked a big cigar, and since they all made me feel a perfect lady, I said politely, "Sorry."

I would sigh, keep my chin up high, never relaxed or went too far. Oh, I let the moon go shining on, I let that narrow rowboat cruise around 'til dawn. I stayed perpendicular. I could not just let a man walk over me, perhaps my dignity went rather far. Such an interesting lot of things might have happened. I simply indicated, "Sorry."

One day comes a man, but what kind of a man knows why he does what he does. He walked into my room, and he hung up his hat, and I just didn't know where I was. He was a lean man, he was a mean man, didn't own a cravat, smoked no cigar. And God knows he never made me feel a lady. There just wasn't time for "Sorry."Chin up high, my chin was down my shoes, and I relaxed but far too far. Oh, the way the moon kept shining on, the night was nigh for rowing and this girl was gone. Not so perpendicular.

So you let a man just walk right over you, who said dignified is what you are? Such a wonderful lot of terrible things did happen, and now it's you who can tell me sorry.

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