Friday, January 14, 2011

Graphite Interdisciplinary Journal of the Arts: Issue 2

Words cannot describe how proud I am of GRAPHITE. Last year I began the journal as a means to link the arts on our UCLA campus, featuring scholarship ranging from the art historical to the musicological, as well as artwork from up-and-coming contemporary artists. The end result was a stunning first issue and the greatest sense of pride. Yes, I have to admit, I feel like it is my baby. My journal baby.

As I sink myself knee deep in editing the essays for our second issue, I cannot quite contain my excitement. Issue 2 will be a bit more focused than the first, of course. Our theme this year is "The End," and we are featuring a Nietzschianesque Italian translation which discusses sexual morality, an essay on the use of endings made by several playwrights, an analysis of Jasper Johns oeuvre, a film analysis of Lost in Translation and the role of contemporary Orientalism, a paper on Machine Project, an interview with artist Mark Flores, interview with Peter Kazaras on the role of contemporary opera, as well as several artworks by compelling contemporary artists.

Curious? Go ahead and download the first issue.

Or digitally flip through it:

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