Thursday, May 5, 2011

My, it has really been a long time since my last blog post. So much to tell, and yet so very little ! In a couple of weeks I am performing my senior recital at UCLA, which I am thrilled about. I'll be doing a gorgeous Handel cantata with chamber ensemble, Monteverdi's "Lamento della ninfa," Dvorak's "Ciganske Melodie," Ravel's "Cinq melodies populaires greques," two song cycles by Poulenc - "Trois poemes de Louise Lalanne" and "Le travail du peintre," and Granados' "La Maja Dolorosa." Such beautiful music, and it's always fun to show people things that reflect personal taste and style. Quickly after that I head to Chautauqua. I'm really excited about focusing and working hard on both new and old repertoire and perfecting my craft.

I've been taking my last course in art history this quarter in Dutch art. Really bizarre to think that by the end of this quarter I'll have a bachelors in both music and art history. It's kind of like a dream. Anyway, here are some gorgeous paintings I've had the pleasure of studying.

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